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Episode 22
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Mineral Spa
Hepburn Springs in Victoria is Australia's mineral Spa Centre. The healing waters were first discovered in 1836 by Captain Hepburn, who had taken up a large holding nearby. Gold was discovered shortly afterwards, and these two natural treasures and the people they have attracted have had a strong impact on the development of the region.
Daylesford and Hepburn Springs
Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are the major towns in the region known to have Australia's richest concentration of mineral springs.
Come Out 35 Years
A celebration of the arts specifically designed for young people, this fantastic festival turns 35 in 2009.
Girl Stars: Jyoti
Jyoti Rose Tirkey is a newsreader with Doordarshan and a radio presenter with All India Radio. She has her own radio show, and in her free time she sings folk music with an orchestra. Jyoti grew up in a very poor family; her parents did not believe that singing could be a profession. But Jyoti loved to sing, and believed in her talent; she also believed education would give her the confidence to win a job where she could use her skills. Today, Jyoti is known across Jharkhand for her singing voice and her radio show. Jyoti grew up in Lohardaga District, Jharkhand and she is 30 years old.
Indian Winemakers
Indian couple Paramdeep and Nirmal discovered an unlikely passion for wine after sampling a bottle of sauvignon. After purchasing two big cow paddocks in the Morning Peninsula of Victoria, initially as a family weekender, the property has been turned into a successful and growing boutique winery.
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