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Episode 19
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Huon Bush Retreat
Huon Bush retreats are eco-friendly accommodation located just outside of Huonville, in Tasmania. The retreats keep the environment and conservation in mind, providing guests with an opportunity to learn how they can be eco-minded in their own homes.
Forest Protesting
We visit an area near Huonville in Tasmania where there are a group of people trying to protect an area of old growth forest from being logged. We find out why a family and a group of dedicated individuals spend their time out in the Tasmanian forest, trying to protect it for future generations.
Girl Stars: Durga
Durga Bai is a health worker with Arth, an organization in the tribal belt of Udaipur District, Rajasthan. Durga travels by herself, by bus, to 22 villages every month and talks to 2,000 women everyday about how to improve their health and the health of their children. In the villages Durga visits, women are not educated and many girls do not go to school. Durga explains health concepts in a local dialect, ensuring that as many children as she meets are vaccinated, visit medical centers and go to school. Durga is 27 years old.
Pig Lady
Fiona Chambers is a woman with a unique passion for pigs. She breeds rare Wessex Saddleback pigs on her organic vegetable farm near Daylesford and she believes that by protecting threatened species of farm animals, she's helping secure the food supply for future generations.
After the Firestorm
It's months since Australia's worst bushfires swept through Victoria, leaving unparalleled death and destruction in their wake. The nation has rallied round those charred communities over the past few weeks generously and compassionately.

The rural relief effort ranges from the daily challenge of feeding hungry stock to rebuilding thousands of kilometres of fencing and damaged farm buildings and the businesses they supported. Tim Lee has been looking at this work in progress and the strength and resolve some very determined farmers
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