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Episode 18
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Welcome Students
More than 3000 international students attended the 2009 City of Melbourne 'Welcome to International Student' day held in Melbourne's Federation Square. Roving performers, music and live crocodile feeding were a big hit for students, many of whom had never seen a crocodile, let alone seen one being fed in the heart of the city!
Thanh Bui Performance
Performance of 'Gravity'
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Kiss is a interesting short film about kissing stories -- the first kiss, the teenage kiss, the romantic, the painful, the best, the worst, the longest and the wettest kiss. It's a subject that fascinates us all, because we all do it!
Pony Club
More than 200 horses and their riders have been gathered for the annual pony club camp. It brings city and country together; many riders are farm kids virtually born in the saddle; others are from suburban Canberra, but they share a love for horses. With volunteers on hand, the camp kitchen is feeding about 500 people every meal.
Noise: Snapshot Asia
Bugsida, Thailand - ILLUSTRATOR
Oyster farming off the coast of Ceduna. Oysters are a popular delicacy and over in Denial bay in the Great Australian Bight there's a company producing some of the cleanest and tastiest oysters in the world.
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