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Episode 17
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Alice Pung
Asian Australian author Alice Pung writes about biculturalism in Australia. In this story we will hear her vantage point of what life was like for her and her family growing up in Footscray, Victoria. She highlights the problems of migrants who try to find some kind of natural balance between the life they have left behind and the new life they are eager to embrace.
Holgate Brewery
A microbrewery located in Woodend, amongst the picturesque Macedon Ranges of Victoria. Holgate Brewery is run by a successful husband wife team and operates out of the 100-year-old local icon, Keatings Hotel.
Designer Bags
Science and the fashion industry are unlikely allies. But the two fields are joining forces to help Northern Territory crocodile farmers engineer the perfect handbag. Producers hope genetics could give them the edge in a multi-million-dollar export industry that's being driven by raging demand from international designers.
Honeyeaters in my Garden
Australia has no humming birds; they belong in South and North America, but Australia does have a group of birds that play the same role in nature; feeding from the nectar in flowers and transferring pollen between plants. They are the reason that many native Australia flowers are red, since red flowers attract birds rather than insects, some of which see red as black.
Lionel Rose
Lionel Rose is a largely forgotten sporting hero. He was a world boxing champion. He won the title by defeating "Fighting" Harada in Japan.
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