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Episode 14
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Oxford Street
Sydney is not an old city by world standards, but one of its oldest streets is Oxford Street. It's had a colourful history, along the way it has been the scene of slums, drugs and prostitution. Historian and writer Garry Wotherspoon gives us a warts-and-all tour.
Clean Green Tea
The Chinese have been drinking it for thousands of years and the Japanese have turned it into a cultural icon. And now, Australian farmers are being encouraged to grow green tea for an expanding global market, tipped to get even bigger now that scientists are proving it's as healthy as it is refreshing.
Girl Stars: Ruby
Roopali Jain 'Ruby' owns a beauty parlour in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. Ruby decided to open her own parlour when her father died, because there was no one else who could look after her family. Ruby, who had always been artistic, decided to study in a parlour to become a beautician and at the same time she studied late into the night to complete grade 12 and then her college degree by correspondence. Ruby took a loan from a bank to start her business. Today, Ruby has her own beauty parlour and people come from far away to visit Ruby's parlour because they say, 'she has magic in her hands'. Ruby is 26 years old.
Murray Fredericks
Murray Fredericks is a established international landscape photographer. Murray spent periods over 7 years in the remote area of Lake Eyre, photographing the various changes in the salt pan. A documentary about his body of work titled 'Salt' was recently included in the Adelaide Film Festival.
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