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International House
Studying overseas is a daunting prospect for many students who come to Australia. Sydney University is part of a global network of universities that have established an international house to make their lives easier. This residential community hosts many students from Australia and other countries. Not only do they get to live together, but the House fosters greater understanding of different cultures and nationalities.
Vox Pop: Why did you choose Sydney Uni?
Listen to some students explain why they chose Sydney Uni for their studies. Sydney Uni is just one of 44 universities around Australia who host international students for part of their studies.
Alpaca Heaven
The sight of alpacas in a paddock is becoming more and more common. While the ongoing drought may be causing heartache for many farmers, the alpacas thrives on the dry, native pasture that is so similar to its South American homelands.
Girl Stars: Premlata
Premlata Verma is an accountant in the office of the Superintendent of Police in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. Premlata is the supervisor of her section and oversees the work of four people - though she is the youngest employee in her section. When Premlata was young, she carried water for her neighbours to earn money to pay for her school supplies and look after her old grandmother and younger sister. Today, she has running water in her home, a Government job and a Masters in Economics. Premlata lives in Jhabua and she is 28 years old.
The word nickname came from old English 'eke (eek) name' which meant additional name. This was later corrupted to give us 'nickname'. Nicknames are usually 'Hypocoristic' - meaning a lesser form of a name such as Aussie for Australian, or Tony from Anthony. Nicknames are usually given and sometimes have some funny stories attached.
Pakistani House Husband
Meet an Australian man who lived in Pakistan for 3 years as a househusband, wandered, photographer and writer.
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