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Episode 11
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A profile on the outback seaside town of Ceduna.
Ceduna Eclipse
Ceduna was one of the best locations to see the 2002 total solar eclipse. Ceduna will be lucky enough to experience another total solar eclipse in 2030.
Bali Bombing 2002
On the 12th of October 2002, terrorism came to Bali in a devastating attack that killed and injured hundreds of people. The target was the liberal culture of Bali, and the Western tourists who are the mainstay of its economy. Although more Australians were killed than any other nationality, the people of Bali paid a high price for their tolerance.
Henna Artist
Originally from Pakistan, Humna Mustafa talks about the art of Henna tattooing.
Chat Dancer: Asiao-Hsuan Yang
Dancers certainly need to keep fit and active, but have you ever wondered how much work goes into their impressive physique? Originally from Taiwan, Asiao-Hsuan Yang now dances for the Australian Dance Theatre and talks about her life as a professional dancer.
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