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Episode 10
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Scarecrow Competition
The drought has meant a lot of farmers have been doing it tough, but the little community of Cadell in South Australia's Riverland has come up with a unique way to lift their spirits with a scarecrow competition!
Mintaro Maze
Have you ever been trapped inside a maze and can't find your way out? This living maze is in Mintaro, in the beautiful wine region of the Clare Valley in South Australia.
Old Steamer
Orbost in eastern Victoria is enduring some tough times. Seven years ago, the local timber industry all but collapsed as young people were drifting away to find work elsewhere. But a couple of locals devised an ambitious plan to turn the tide.
Girl Stars: Shabnam
Shabnam Aara is a small loans manager in Cashpor a micro-finance organization in Benares, Uttar Pradesh. Cashpor was looking for women who were educated and willing to travel alone to villages to talk to other women. Shabnam took up the challenge, and although she got blisters on her feet from walking so many kilometres, she persisted - Shabnam was able to convince many women to take loans and change their lives. Today, Shabnam has been promoted to be the branch manager of Cashpor, where she oversees an office of seven men. Shabnam is 26 years old and she grew up in Arhora Village, Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh.
Balloon Ride
Balloon ride over the city of Canberra.
WOMAD: Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever is a strange and wonderful band that plays a mix of Cambodian pop music and psychedelic rock. They are from America and recently toured Cambodia and played at Womad in Adelaide, where we spoke with guitarist Zac Holtzman.
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