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Mardi Gras
The Mardi Gras is a famous Sydney parade. One of the best in the world. It started in 1978 as Sydney's contribution to the Gay Solidarity movement. It was a rough start, with many arrests and accusations of police harassment. However, as it grew in popularity, attitudes changed. Now it attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators every year, and people from all walks of life march in the parade and support it from the sidelines.
Fashion Words
Learn about some words that are currently associated with women's fashion – like 'cut on the bias', 'high-waisted', 'a-line', 'skinny leg', 'low-rise', 'maxi' and even 'black rats'.
Kakadu Bush Foods
Have you ever gone into the wild and picked your own food from a tree? It's not something city people are used to doing, but in Australia's Kakadu region east of Darwin, the bush is just like a big supermarket, with plenty of food and medicine on the shelves as long as you know when and where to look for it. Kakadu National Park is a spectacular place with an ancient and rich cultural history. Aboriginal people have lived on this country for more than 40 thousand years, living off the land.
Girl Stars: Krishna
Krishna Bagel is a primary school teacher in a Government School in Tikaria Village, Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh. Krishna was the only girl in her village to complete her grade 12 education; all the other girls of her age dropped out of school because the secondary school was too far away to walk to. Krishna grew up knowing she had a lot to prove, and so she volunteered as night school teacher in a Government program to educate adults. Krishna did this job so well, that she was offered the job of the Government School Teacher in her village. Krishna is 25 years old.
Pretty Maria Island
Maria Island is a national park, so its pristine environment is protected. It is teaming with native wildlife and flora. Here is a hint of what stunning scenery that you can see on the Island.
Morilla Estate started out as a winery in 1958. It was purchased by the visionary David Walsh in 1995 whose ideas commenced the diversification of the business, including the production of boutique Wine and Beer, a restaurant and function centre, outdoor events and concerts, accommodation. The icing will be the Museum of Old and New Art, due to be opened in 2011.
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