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Episode 8
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Lantern La Lumiere
It began its life as a multi-storey car park, but now a group of artists have turned an eyesore into a huge light show - the Rundle Street Lantern. Lantern la Lumiere is a light and colour spectacular.
Fishing Words
Gus the Fisherman
Fishing is a popular hobby for a lot of people and everyone has a story about the one that got away. But imagine if you're job was to hook the big one. We meet a commercial fisherman who's got some very interesting tales to tell.
Penguin Dogs
Over the years, Maremma dogs have become a familiar sight on many Australian farms. Not only do the so-called Italian sheepdogs look after livestock, they've also been used to protect poultry from predators.
Fortune Teller
We talk to Kleo - Fortune Teller. Kleo is a psychic, clairvoyant and palmist with over 20 years experience. We ask Kleo about what she does and how she started.
One of Australia's unique National Parks. The Grampians National Park in Western Victoria is renowned for its breathtaking views, rich aboriginal culture and wildlife. It's a popular holiday destination for bushwalkers, campers and four wheel drive enthusiasts from Australia and overseas.
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