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Episode 5
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Sea lions
Have you ever wanted to swim with the dolphins? How about frolic underwater with sea lions? Down in Bairds Bay in the Great Australian Bight we meet a couple of guys whose job it is to give tourists an aquatic adventure with these magnificent creatures.
Lindy Chamberlain
The story about the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain still fascinates Australia. Her mother Lindy was accused of murdering her. She claimed the baby was taken by a dingo.
Launceston is an elegantly laid-back city in the north of Tasmania where three rivers meet and flow down to the ocean.
Stone Walling
If you thought the art of stone walling was a skill best left to politicians, think again. The technique of building dry stone walls is experiencing something of a resurgence.

Tasmania's grazing regions have a long history of using rock walls to divide paddocks while many of the older walls are now in disrepair a new generation of dry stone wallers is making sure the ancient skill lives on. As Simon Cullen found out, it's more than just a hobby for some, it's an obsession.
Aaron Choulai at WOMAD
Interview with Aaron Choulai. Features performances by Aaron Choulai, the Tatana Village choir and VADA. Recorded at the Womad festival in Adelaide.

Aaron Choulai was born in PNG and raised in Australia, he talks about his heritage and the collaboration between a traditional choir from PNG and an improvisational jazz ensemble from Melbourne.
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