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Episode 2
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Bridge Climb
Millions of people have travelled to Sydney and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. How has one man's dream managed to create such a thriving business, BridgeClimb, against all the odds? He battled red tape for almost 10 years to see his idea bear fruit, but the real secret of his success lies in paying attention to the experience of his customers.
Tattoo Boom
At a time when many businesses are feeling the pinch, one particular industry continues to prosper. The tattoo profession is experiencing an unprecedented boom. The seedy image appears to have undergone a makeover with a growing acceptance of tattooing as a legitimate art form. Shaun Giles reports on the growing number of people opting to use their bodies as a human canvas.
Murrawah Surfing
Tasmania's growing reputation as a world class surfing destination has been largely build around the breathtaking antics of a small group of big wave surfers. But it seems that's about to change. International surfers from the world championship tour knew little of the powerful swells that pound the state's west coast. Now they're raving about them. Alister Nicholson headed to Marrawah for the Cold Water Classic - the biggest surfing competition that's ever been held in Tasmania.
Surfing Words
GROMMET = A child who goes surfing
PUMPING = Good - used to talk about the waves
THRUSTER = Surf board with three fins
LEG ROPE = The leash that attaches your ancle to the board
TUBE = Best part of a wave to surf
WAX = Wax is rubbed on to the board to help prevent slipping
WETSUIT = Keeps you warm in the water
With our beautiful beaches it's no wonder surfing has become such a popular past time in Australia. But have you ever thought about how a surfboard is actually made? Cutloose is a South Australian surfboard manufacturing company, in this story we look at the art and science of modern surfboard making.
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