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Tour Down Under
The Tour Down Under is the first ProTour race to be held outside of cycling's traditional home of Europe. Nearly three quarters of a million people take to the streets to watch this event, many of them travelling a long way to do it. The annual event is staged in and around the city of Adelaide in South Australia.
Hot Weather
What do you do to stay cool on a hot day?
Ever wondered what it takes to create a giant sand sculpture? Twenty one creative sculptors from around the world worked tirelessly to build Dinostory, a finely detailed and life like sand sculpture exhibition on the waterfront of Frankston, Victoria.
How to be an Aussie
A short film that answers the question: How to Be an Aussie - which is slang for 'an Australian'.
Dump Shop
Rummaging through rubbish might not be everyone's idea of a fun day out. But for a dedicated bunch of Darwin Dump-Shop aficionados one person's trash is another person's treasure.
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