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Nexus is Australia Network's own program about Australia, its people and their lives, and about the connection between Australia and our region. Through stories about life in Australia, arts and culture, science, business and many other topics, the program aims to show how we live and work in Australia, and the influence of the wider region on Australian life.

The program is presented by Tania Nugent, and is now in its 9th season of production, with well over 1000 episodes broadcast.
About Our Presenter
Tania Nugent
Tania Nugent
Tania Nugent has hosted Nexus since 2003. An award winning presenter, Tania began her TV career in Papua New Guinea, producing children's television. She later moved to Adelaide to host Behind the News on ABC TV.

Tania is also part of the Nexus team of producers who travel all over the county finding and making stories. Although Nexus isn't seen in Australia, visitors to Australia from the Asia-Pacific Region, frequently approach Tania to talk about Nexus when she is out and about with her camera crew.
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