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My Australia: Series 3 - Episode 9

In this episode of My Australia, David visits the famous tourist destination of Uluru, Salome and her family and friends enjoy the waterslides at Jamberoo Action World and Jingjing helps out in the unique world of oyster farming.

Episode 9
David takes a road trip from Alice Springs to Uluru. Along the way he meets a singing dingo who plays piano! David watches the sunrise, then is surprised to discover he shouldn't really take the climb up the rock. He talks to a ranger to find out why the local Aboriginal people don’t want people to climb Uluru, then takes a walk around the bottom to discover the 'real' rock.

Salome and her family and friends visit Jamberoo Action World to have a day of fun on water slides. For Salome it is a rare opportunity to enjoy herself without responsibilities, and she relishes the day’s relaxation and play with her family and friends. For her it is like a return to childhood.

Jingjing has an adventure with some oyster farmers in Port Lincoln on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. She learns that oyster farming is a very complicated and long process and requires lots of hard work. Jingjing has a disliking for raw food. Will she be brave enough to try a fresh oyster?

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