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My Australia: Series 3 - Episode 8

In this episode of My Australia, Raymond learns the art of Taekwondo martial arts, Natsumi helps to run a steam train and Jayasree visits a fruit farm.

Episode 8
Raymond's been flat-out studying for his final exams. He joins a local Taekwondo class for some welcome stress relief and finds out there's more to this marital art than just defending yourself. Kath one of the senior instructors shows Raymond some Taekwondo moves and explains why she loves the sport so much and what she gets out of it.

Natsumi joins a group of volunteers on the Pichi Richi railway. She helps light the fire, oil the locomotive and learns to shovel coal. She helps out in the carriage on the journey to Woolshed Flat, joins the ladies serving refreshments and then travels in the cab on the return journey. All aboard a steam train!

City girl Jayasree (Jaysh) from Singapore travels to Victoria's Yarra Valley for a country experience. She visits a family-run fruit orchard where she learns that owning a farm requires hard work and dedication. With limited cooking skills Jaysh also learns to bake a pie from fruit picked in the orchard. A great break from the city.

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