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My Australia: Series 3 - Episode 5

In this episode of My Australia, Raymond goes to stunt school on the Gold Coast, Jayasree learns to drive a go-kart and Danma goes horse-riding in the Blue Mountains.

Episode 5
Raymond does some stunt training on the Gold Coast. He learns how to sword fight, fake a punch and how to leap from tall buildings, it's an exciting adventure – especially for someone who's afraid of heights!

Jayasree (Jaysh) is a city girl who travels to Victoria's Phillip Island to try driving go-karts. With co-ordination issues and no driving experience she tackles her fears head-on.

Danma goes horse-riding in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. It's been many years since she has ridden a horse in Tibet, and she cannot believe how big the horses are! With some helpful advice from a trainer, she overcomes some obstacles and enjoys riding in a beautiful valley.

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