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My Australia: Series 3 - Episode 4

In this episode of My Australia, Jingjing goes swimming with tuna and sea lions, Ida has a go at lawn bowling and Bhakti joins My Sister's Kitchen for some communal cooking.

Episode 4
Jingjing from China travels to Port Lincoln in South Australia where she'll swim with tuna and sea lions. She is feeling very nervous and apprehensive as her swimming skills are limited and she is fearful of wild animals, however she is determined to overcome this and have a great experience.

Ida tries out lawn bowls with a group of women in Wollongong. She thinks the game looks easy but finds it is harder than it looks! After some early success she bowls some 'gutter balls'. Nevertheless she enjoys her outing with a bunch of friendly women who invite her back to join their team.

Bhakti participates in a community project called My Sisters Kitchen. This week's menu includes fish lasagne, which Bhakti has never made before! She helps to shop for ingredients at the local market, then participates in the making of a community meal. Bon appetite!

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