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My Australia: Series 3 - Episode 3

In this episode of My Australia, Jay enjoys a tree-top experience in Victoria’s Otway Ranges, Natsumi learns to kayak and Salome joins a group of belly-dancers.

Episode 3
Jay from India visits the Otway region of Victoria and experiences a walk through the lush rainforest treetop where he learns about the environment. Jay also pushes his boundaries by zip-lining through the forest with a group of adventure junkies -- an exhilarating experience he won't forget.

Natsumi tries kayaking for the first time. She goes on a tour through a dolphin sanctuary, sees ship wrecks and goes deep into some mangroves. She's amazed by how comfortable the dolphins are with people paddling in their waters.

Salome is from the Solomon Islands. She joins a group of tribal belly-dancers and enjoys the company of ‘sisters’ who dance for their own pleasure. She learns some basic moves and has fun getting dressed up by all the others.

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