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My Australia: Series 2 - Episode 8

In this episode of My Australia, Shaiful learns to golf, Jasmine enters a charity Santa Fun Run and Jason graduates from university.

Episode 8
Shaiful's father gave him a set of golf clubs which he has never used. Now he takes the opportunity to learn to play golf. He and his wife Reen visit Adelaide Shores Golf Course and play a round with an expert, then get coached with specialist swing training.

Jasmine fulfils a lifelong dream and dresses as Santa to take part in a fun run to raise money for charity. It's an unbelievable sight as thousands of Santas do a city walk together.

Jason graduates from UTAS. It's a proud moment for his parents, who have flown over from Malaysia for the occasion. Family and friends relax in a nearby pub afterwards to reflect on what the day means.

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