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My Australia: Series 2 - Episode 7

In this episode of My Australia, Shobbie learns to play cricket, Frankey joins a team on a dragon boat and Xiao has a go at fly-fishing.

Episode 7
Shobbie is Indian, from Malaysia. She heads to the hills to share a picnic and cricket match with her friends. Aussies love nothing more than eating in the great outdoors, especially if they can play sport at the same time. Shobbie has never played cricket before – how will she go?

Frankie has never tried Dragon Boats before. This Chinese sport is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. He meets up with a bunch of people who love the sport and the social aspect, and attends a training session. It’s harder than it looks.

Xiao Xia reflects on her decision to come to Australia from China, while out in the wilds of Tasmania learning to fly-fish for the first time.

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