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My Australia - Episode 14 - Video
In this episode, Ken from Indonesia takes part in a state election day, Michelle from China helps out at an Animal Welfare League shelter, and Raymond from the Philippines visits a trash and treasure market.

Each episode is split into 3 parts and is accessible from the player above. When each part is complete it will automatically play the next video.
Episode 14
Ken is interested in politics, and what better way to learn than first hand? He agrees to help out the Greens Party, handing out how-to-vote cards at a polling booth, and talking to voters. But will he be up to detailed policy discussions? And will his candidate win?

Michelle likes animals, and she misses the pets she had in China. So she agrees to help out at an Animal Welfare League shelter. There she meets an adorable pooch named Bronte, and finds out the kind of work the helpers need to do to look after their animals.

Raymond is a keen photographer. He decides to visit a trash and treasure market with his friend to have a look around and see if he can find anything he likes. He is hoping to find a picture frame that would suit his apartment. Along the way he discovers a little bit more about the interesting world of this market.

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