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My Australia - Episode 13 - Video
In this episode, Preeti from India goes on an op-shop tour, Saj from Sri Lanka tries to learn juggling at a circus school, and Weiping from China takes part in Adelaide's Chinese New Year celebrations.

Each episode is split into 3 parts and is accessible from the player above. When each part is complete it will automatically play the next video.
Episode 13
Preeti gets on a bus tour and joins a throng of happy women shoppers who love nothing more than visiting half-a-dozen op-shops, having lunch and enjoying a chat. But you have to be quick to snap up the bargains, and Preeti takes the advice of the experienced shoppers and nabs some items to take home.

Saj is willing to try many new things, and he thought he would give juggling a go. The friendly and encouraging instructors at the National Institute of Circus Arts show him the ropes – well, at least the balls and the blocks. He may not be up to juggling knives, but he has a great time.

Weiping has never taken part in Australian Chinese New Year before, so this is her first chance to see how things are done here. She helps out anyway she can, meets some new people, and finds out that although some things stay the same, the celebrations here are different because Australia has people from all over Asia.

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