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My Australia - Episode 12 - Video
In this episode, Akki from Japan visits a wildlife park, Ken from Indonesia places his first bet at the Adelaide Cup horse race, and Faye from Fiji goes orienteering in Melbourne.

Each episode is split into 3 parts and is accessible from the player above. When each part is complete it will automatically play the next video.
Episode 12
Akki has a fear of snakes, so visiting a wildlife park carries some risks. As do feeding crocodiles and cassowaries. But Akki is willing to try almost anything, and when a keeper wraps something long and cool around his neck, he gets up close and personal with his worst nightmare.

Ken has never been to a horse race or gambled. He visits the Adelaide Cup to remedy both experiences. It’s a fancy dress-up day for everyone, and huge crowds flock to the track. Ken has some luck with his bet, meets a thoroughbred, and enjoys a great day out with the punters.

Faye is good at reading maps, which is just as well, as she and her sister have decided to try the sport of orienteering. But this course is not set in the bush – instead they have to navigate their way around a Melbourne suburb using a map with no street names. Will they get lost?

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