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My Australia - Episode 9 - Video
In this episode, Rif from Bangladesh gets a didgeridoo lesson from an indigenous player, Priya from Malaysia volunteers with Riding for the Disabled, and Raisa from Indonesia has a girls day out with her visiting mum.

Each episode is split into 3 parts and is accessible from the player above. When each part is complete it will automatically play the next video.
Episode 9
When Rif came here he had a dream of jamming with some Australian musicians. It doesn't get more Australian than a didgeridoo played by an Aboriginal man! So Rif meets a busker and gets a first-hand lesson in how to play this amazing instrument - then it's his turn to perform for the tourists at Circular Quay.

Priya loves animals and she loves kids - a perfect combination for her to volunteer for Riding for the Disabled, helping disabled children ride horses. She enjoys working with young Matthew as he masters a series of games on the back of his favourite horse, Angel.

Raisa's mum has come to visit her in Australia from Indonesia. Together, they have a day out shopping, getting a manicure and having high tea. But more importantly, they catch up on Raisa's year in Australia, and how she has matured and become more independent.

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