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My Australia - Episode 1 - Video
In this episode of My Australia, Faye from Fiji tries snow skiing for the first time, Raisa from Indonesia has a go at cooking a Christmas meal in July, and Selby from China visits the Adelaide Royal Show.

Each episode is split into 3 parts and is accessible from the player above. When each part is complete it will automatically play the next video.
Episode 1
Coming from Fiji, Faye has never seen snow before, so going skiing in the Victorian Alps is an exciting new challenge. And she is over 6 feet tall, it's a long way to the ground if she falls!

Raisa grew up in Indonesia and never learned to cook. Shopping for a big leg of lamb and buying unusual vegetables to cook in an oven is a tough challenge. Will the meat and vegies be cooked in time for the guests?

They don't have Royal Shows in China, but Selby is fascinated by all the farm animals, the giant tractor wheels and the weird junk food. Plus he wants to win a big soft toy for his girlfriend, but will he be good enough?

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