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Episode 1: This Wild Life
Sujatha, from India, becomes a volunteer at an animal rescue farm. She gets to know the other volunteers, while learning how to care for Australian animals that have been injured or orphaned.

Along the way she gets to cuddle kangaroos and emus, and help rescue a koala.

Sujatha also learns that hard work, dedication and love for animals are at the heart of the volunteers' work. And the reward comes when injured animals are able to return to the wild.

Episode Credits
Guest: Sujatha Pujari

Host: Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Thanks to:
Bev Langley
Minton Farm volunteers
Dr Rachel Westcott
AA Magarey & Sons

Narration: Peter Goers
Resident Expert: William McInnes

Producer: Tiffany Milsom
Series Producer: James Roberts
Executive Producer: Barry Mitchell

More Information
Minton Farm
This animal refuge has emerged from a community need for animal and bird rescue and rehabilitation. It relies entirely on volunteers and donations to operate.

Minton Farm - Animal Rescue Centre

Other Wildlife Rescue Organisations
Wildlife Rescue Australia

WIRES - Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation
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