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Episode 4: This Sharing Life
Sujatha, who has recently arrived in Australia from India, spends a week living with three other young people in their Share house.

It is a fairly common practice for young people to move from the family home into a house that they share with other people, people that are not necessarily family or even friends. This is often the first taste of independent life, with all of its responsibilities and challenges.

Sujatha joins in all aspects of this shared life, helping with the household jobs and enjoying the household fun and games.

Episode Credits
Guest:Sujatha Pujari

Host: Alicia Wildsmith
Sophie Wildsmith
Oda Omre

Thanks to:
Leanne Ringelstein

Narration: Peter Goers
Resident Expert: William McInnes

Producer: Chris Barker
Series Producer: James Roberts
Executive Producer: Barry Mitchell

More Information
Sharing house
Many students, including international students, live in share accommodation while studying in Australia. Here are some links to useful contact organisations. All universities provide assistance or advice to students seeking accommodation.

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Student housing in Victoria

Student housing in New South Wales

Student housing in Queensland

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