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Episode 9: This Outback Life
Lester's been dying to get out bush, and here's his chance. Dusty outback dirt roads lead him to Blinman, a very small town in the Flinders Ranges.

He stays with the family who run the Blinman Hotel and soon finds out what life is like in a town of only 23 people. He explores the cemetery and the historic mine, learns to pull a beer, and helps the town get ready for the annual Cook Out Back competition, where people come from everywhere to cook delicious food in the traditional Australian camp-oven.

Episode Credits
Guest:Lester Chin

Host: Maureen and Tony Cutri

Thanks to:
Lisa McIntosh
Bailey Marshall
Ashley Evans

The people of Blinman
and the Cook Out Back crew

Narration: Peter Goers
Resident Expert: William McInnes

Producer: Sarah Tooth
Series Producer: James Roberts
Executive Producer: Barry Mitchell

More Information
The Australian Outback
Blinman is a small outback town, nestled in the central Flinders Ranges in South Australia. Explore the outback with the sites below.


Cook Out Back

Outback - Wikipedia

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