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Wednesday, 10 June  2009  WOMAD Music

Visit the world music festival in Adelaide called WOMAD and listen to some locals and some visitors talk about music and the style of music they like.

Neil: I just like the variety of music, the sounds, drums especially, waiting to go see some Korean drums in a little bit so. I like the percussion sounds you get from Asia and Africa as well.

Hannah: Morgan's a drummer and I usually join in with the dancing. We've got a friend out there who's a belly dancer and she usually gets everybody up dancing and singing along and clapping. So when the jam sessions really get going in the afternoon people stop doing whatever they were doing and starts joining in.

Hannah: Everything from metal to Bjork to world music. We've both got pretty broad tastes so…

Morgan: We listen to a lot of death metal, a lot of jazz, a lot of blues, really old blues - Robert Johnson, 1920s and 30s.

Hannah: Even a bit of classical.

Jim: We're pretty into everything these days. A lot of my roots are in just rock and energy music but I get off on listening to some different styles and stuff. It's really good to hear some different sounds and it's a really different experience to come here and see this as opposed to a rock show. Maybe I'm just getting older or my tastes are developing or something. I like my rock too but it's nice to come here and see all this.

Jen: In the car, at home, after work when - being a teacher - the children have gone, we listen to it then. CDs.

Pauline: Yes, I listen to music when the kids are gone and you're still doing work, but also I've got a lot of albums downloaded on the computer and you can play computer games or catch up with your e-mail with sound tracks on random, which is great. This is one of the albums which we have on computer.

Sarah: Both. I like recorded music because it's obviously of better quality and you can carry it with you. Live music is always good. I think it doesn't often matter who the artist is when it's live, it's a different kind of thing than when you listen to it on recording. And if you don't appreciate something that has been recorded you can see that artist live and still really like it because they're live and their look is a lot different than it would be if you just appreciated the recorded version.

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English Bites - Womad Music
story notes

Percussion describes musical instruments that you play by hitting them with your hand or a stick, like drums and xylophones.

 jam sessions
In music, to jam means to play together informally. A jam session is a meeting of a group of musicians who play together.

 death metal jazz blues classical
They like death metal, jazz, blues and even classical.These are styles or types of music.The music played at WOMAD is described as world music.
Classical music is a style of traditional Western music. It began in Europe in the Middle Ages. It includes symphonies, chamber music, opera, and other serious, artistic music.

Here into is slang for interested in, or likes.
Example: I'm realy into learning English.
Click here for more idioms and common expressions.

 get off on
To get off on something is to be very excited by it.
Example: He really gets off on the football.
For examples you can listen to of the phrasal verb get off on, follow the link.
more information: get off on

 tastes are developing
Your tastes are the things you like. To develop means to grow or change into a more advanced form.
So when Jim says that his tastes might be developing, he means that he is starting to like a bigger range of things, perhaps more mature things.

When too is used to mean as well, it's spelled too and not to. Follow the link to find out more.
more information: to too

Gone is the past participle of the irregular verb go.
more information: go

Album is an old fashioned name for a CD. It used to refer to LP or vinyl records.

Download means copied to a computer's memory.

The verb to record means to store information, such as sound, so that it can be replayed later. Recorded music is music that has been stored so you can play it on a CD or computer.
The noun record, which means a piece of information that has beeen stored is pronounced differently. Follow the link to listen to the difference.
more information: record

Live is an adjective that means as it happens. It's pronounced differently to the verb live, which meands to have life. Follow the link to listen to the difference.
more information: live

What do the music terms brass, strings and woodwind mean?

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