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Thursday, 29 December  2005  Talent Development

Meet some young people who are hoping to become famous. They're all musicians and they're taking part in a talent development project in NSW.

DIRECTOR OF SPECTACULAR: The talent development project is a career based program. It prepares young people from public schools for a career in the entertainment industry. It began 13 years ago.

It was the brainwave of a dear old fellow called Jack Neary who was one of the directors of the entertainment centre at the time. He could see what was happening with the School Spectacular. I'm also the director of the School Spectacular and have been for 22 years.

Jack saw the great talent there and, because of his career in the entertainment industry, he thought, "We've got to have a program which will help these kids get out there into the industry."

Today we have three workshops happening. The morning session is song writing and performance based on country style. And be really honest with them because these are the people we think we're going to graduate, OK.

MELINDA SCHNEIDER: Perfect idea for your age group to sing about, which I think is important. There's nothing worse than someone in their teens singing about a subject that they haven't lived yet.

KATRINA BURGOYNE: It was really good, me being a country singer and song writer - their feedback was really valuable.

DIRECTOR OF SPECTACULAR: In the middle session for the day is have to do the sound checks. They've got to rehearse their show, and then this afternoon they perform in front of people from the industry who are going to be very important in their network later on.

ROSHANI PRIDDIS: When I'm on stage, I dunno, I can't explain the feeling. It's just this huge rush of adrenalin and I love it and that's why I do it. Nothing else makes me that happy.

ANGUS STONE: I've had all the consultants tell me I've got to engage the audience more. I think maybe now I'm looking around telling a story more than telling a story to myself.

LAURA HERD: Hopefully I can be in musicals travelling around the world one day. That's my goal anyway.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: From my point of view, there are about three possibilities here today. One is Laura Herd whom I'm just sending her along to our production of 'Dirty Dancing' Wednesday night with her father, because she's still at school, and I've told her when she leaves school I'd like her to audition. The girl with the slightly country voice that writes her own material plays very heavy, good rhythm guitar. The three boys from Ballina, the rock band, I thought they were sensational.

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English Bites - Talent Development
story notes

talent development
Talent is a special ability. The idea of the talent development project in todayís story is to help young people develop their skills

Began is the past tense of the irregular verb begin. Follow the link to listen to some examples.
more information: begin

A brainwave is a sudden idea or inspiration.

entertainment industry
The term industry means a field of business activity, and all the people involved in it.
So we can talk about the music industry, the publishing industry, the tourist industry or the computer industry.

get out there into the industry
To get kids out there into the industry means to employ them within the entertainment industry - to get them jobs.

A workshop is a meeting that involves practical exercises to help people develop their skills.

A session is a period of activity.

Follow the link and listen to the different way we pronounce graduate when it's used as a noun.
more information: graduate

sound checks
A sound check is a test of sound equipment. Itís literally to check the sound.


Here, network is a noun that refers to a group of connected people. In this case, the studentsí network is the group of people in the entertainment industry.
Network can also be a verb. To network means to meet and make contact with people who can help you professionally.

How do you use the word talent?

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