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Thursday, 17 February  2005  Baby Animals

Visit a children's zoo at the local show where children can go to learn all about animals.

What kind of animals have you seen today?

My daughter held the chickens over there and we've had a look at the pigs and I just saw the yabbies and fish, and I haven't seen any more yet.

What was your favourite animal that you saw today?

Well, I think seeing the chickens and being able to hold them was a terrific. They were so cute and they were only three days old.

What do you call a baby chicken?

I'd say it's a chicken isn't it, or a chick.

Can you tell me the name of a baby pig?

A piglet. Yes. And we're going to go and visit the lambs and we just actually went and saw the goats as well. We saw the big sheep and we are going to go and see the babies as well.

What is a lamb?

A lamb is a baby sheep.

And while we're at it, what's a baby pig?

A baby pig is a piglet.

Thanks very much.

We've just come to the Show for the day. I've brought my two year old. It's the first time he's some to the Show, so just showing him around everything.

And what kind of baby animals have you seen in here today?

We've seen a number today. We've seen the chicks, we've seen the piglets which were his favourite, and the lambs and the calves.

Which ones were your favourite?

Probably the piglets as well. They were pretty cute.

The kids have gone in with the goats and the calves and the little pigs and the little ducklings, they get to hold everything.

It's very, very friendly, a great atmosphere even with the rain, we're all under shelter and it's been a really good day.

What's your favourite baby animal?

My favourite baby animal? I have to say, a calf.

Why is that?

Well, we have some cows of our own and they are just majestic and such a beautiful, beautiful breed.

I've seen rabbits and dogs and pigs and sheep and birds - all of them so far.

And which baby animals have you seen today?

A lot of dogs. The baby pigs; we were watching them feed from their mum. There were quite a few.

What's your favourite baby animal?

The dog over there, the kelpie.

What do you call a baby dog?

A puppy.

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English Bites - Baby Animals
story notes

The past tense of the irregular verb hold.
more information: hold

The past tense of the irregular verb see.
more information: see

The past participle of the irregular verb see.
more information: see

A chick is a baby chicken.

A piglet is a baby pig.

The suffix -let can be used to mean a baby animal.

Example: An eaglet is a baby eagle and an owlet is a baby owl.
Or it can mean something small.

Example: A droplet is a a small drop, a booklet a small book, and an islet is a small island.

A lamb is a baby sheep.

Cows have calves.

Elephants have calves.

Baby whales are also called calves.
You have one calf, spelled with a f and many calves, spelled with a v.
more information: fs & ves plurals

A duckling is a baby duck.

The suffix -ling can be used to mean a baby animal.

Example: We have duckling, a baby duck, gosling, a baby goose, or a fledgling, a baby bird.

A baby dog is called a puppy or a pup.
Sea lions and seals also have pups.


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