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22 December 2005

WOMAD visitors

It's back to WOMAD, the world music festival in Adelaide. We'll meet a range of people, some who go to the festival every year.

Jim: I guess I've been to a lot of rock music festivals - Glastonbury and a lot of music festivals here in Australia and I really like the ambience here. It's a really good atmosphere, really good. Everybody is really chilled out, a very good atmosphere. We have a good time. It's a very different mixture of styles which is good. You sort of go from one place to another and just traverse entire continents across three stages so it's nice.

Vernon: Just the spirit is really terrific. It's really nice to be here in the open

Sarah: I think WOMAD is good because people tend to be very relaxed and happy here like you can leave your stuff and just feel relaxed that nothing bad is going to happen and you meet a lot of nice people and everyone's happy just to enjoy the music. And there's not kind of time frame, you don't have to be anywhere. You can just relax and enjoy. It's good.

Neil: The people, the atmosphere that's around it. So I like that, the laid back attitude.

Doug: I like the music, the range of music and just the atmosphere and the fact that it's just this very informal atmosphere. There's lots of room and space to spread yourself out and you also meet a lot of people. So it's a sort of social thing as well as a music thing.

Bruno: Essentially, listen to world music, just drift from one stage to another and have a look at the different stands and the foods, probably have a bit of food, and meet a lot of people from work and people we know socially one way or another.

story notes

Ambience refers to the character or feeling of a place.

Here, the word atmosphere is also used to describe the character or feeling of a place.
The words ambience and atmosphere have similar meanings. They’re synonyms.

 chilled out
Chilled out is slang for relaxed and not worried. To chill out is to relax.

The spirit of a place is the way it feels or the way it makes other people feel. Here, spirit is another synonym for atmosphere.

 time frame
When she says that there is no time frame, she means that there are no set times when you have to do things. You can just relax and enjoy yourself.

 laid back
Laid back is slang. It’s a synonym for relaxed.

Example: This guy is really laid back.
Here are some other synonyms for relaxed.

The term informal is used to describe relaxed situations - for example when you’re with family or friends. The opposite is formal. Something is formal if it is official or serious.

The adjective social relates to activities involving other people, occasions when you meet and spend time with other people, when you’re not working.

 know socially
He uses the adverb socially to indicate that he knows the people from places other than work, people who are friends or acquaintances.