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2 June 2005


We talk to a few different people and ask them to tell us about the kind of work they do, what they like about it and also a little about how they got their job.

EmmaOK. I'm actually a swimming instructor, so I teach children from babies up until 8, 9 year olds. Yeah, so a normal day is having five, six lessons in a row, half hour lessons and teaching them just the different strokes. Obviously it varies depending on their age, but yeah so that's a normal day of just yeah five or so lessons of teaching the kids.

Yep. In the beginning it was just an interview and you had to have a First Aid Certificate so that's all I really needed and I had that, but now the actual qualifications have changed and everyone has to have an Auswim certificate. So since having the job I've had to have an Auswim certificate, so I've gone through a course for that, but yeah basically it was just an interview and just - they wanted to find out my background and what experience I've had with children and because I've got an interest in teaching, I'm studying teaching, that obviously helped as well, because I love kids. So, yeah.

JessicaYeah, well for four months I was actually waiting for an application to rock up in the paper. I made all the correct ties with business solutions companies, you know, trying to find out if there were traineeships available, which is what I need to do - a traineeship. Then I found an advertisement in the paper, went for it. Out of 30 applications they had 30 interviews. Then they narrowed it down to five second interviews. I've had my second interview and now I'm actually waiting for a response. Today, one of my friends rang up saying they've actually rung him for a character reference, so it must be getting really close, so I'm really looking forward to finding out in the next couple of days.

story notes

swimming instructor
Emma is a swimming instructor. Instructor is another work for teacher. Emma instructs, or teaches people to swim.

The noun interview means a meeting where people ask questions. Interview can also be a verb. To interview someone is to ask questions.

In a job interview, you are asked questions to find out if you are suitable for a job. You are usually asked questions about your experience and qualifications.

First Aid Certificate
First aid refers to basic medical treatment. And a certificate is an official qualification or piece of paper that shows that you are qualified.

Qualifications refer to official records showing that you have finished a certain training course, or that you have a certain skill. If you have a qualification, youíre qualified, and you have certain skills and training.

Auswim certificate
Thatís a special certificate to say that you are qualified to teach swimming.

gone through
To go through here means to do all of the things that are required.

Example: You'll have to go through a passport check at the airport.
For more meanings of the phrasal verb go through, follow the link.
more information: go through

Background refers to things you have done in the past.

Experience refers to things you have done in the past. Background is another word you might hear used to mean the same.

An application is an official written request for something. In this case itís a job application.
To apply means to request something.
Jessica is an applicant. Thatís a person applying for a job.

A traineeship is a period of time in training. Itís the time when someone is being trained in a certain field.
If Jessica gets offered a traineeship, sheíll be a trainee.

narrowed it down
To narrow down means to make more specific. Theyíve chosen only 5 people to interview a second time. Theyíve narrowed down the number of applicants.

A response is an answer or a reaction.

rang up
To ring up is to use the telephone. Follow the link for another use of the phrasal verb ring up.
more information: ring up

Rung is the past participle of the irregular verb ring.
more information: ring

A reference is a statement about someone and what they can do. An employer or teacher could give a written or verbal reference, saying that you are a very hard worker.
An employer often asks for references from people who you have worked with in the past. These are called professional references.
A character reference is a statement about someoneís personal qualities. Itís not about their work or academic skills, but about what kind of person they are.
Referees are the people who give you references.