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25 January 2007


Meet Maida, from the Philippines. We'll listen to what she likes about studying overseas, and what she really misses about home.

Hi, I'm Maida from the Philippines and I'm studying a Masters of Gastronomy at the University of Adelaide with the Le Cordon Bleu.

Oh, it's pretty interesting because I don't know a single person in Adelaide when I arrived a couple of months ago and it was just discovering the whole city but it was immediately getting fascinated with the market, getting fascinated with North Terrace where I lived and soaking up the museums and soaking up the different restaurants all around, and immediately, within the first weekend I was already going around to wineries and checking out the wine regions and going to the Barossa and checking out the Hills.

Ah. Living in Australia gives you a good feel of both a western culture but still belonging to the Asian region and that's one thing -

I have studied in America and I didn't get that same feel. And it has a certain warmth and a good relaxed feel and a good sense of balance for the lifestyle we have. And there's a lot of beautiful things to see, there're a lot of beaches so it's a well-rounded life that you would get as a student in Adelaide that no other city has offered me.

I come from the Philippines and it has like the gorgeous beaches so I do miss the tropical lifestyle I've been accustomed to. I know that Adelaide's much colder but I do miss that. I do miss just.. it's more just the culture that I've been accustomed to but in terms of food I can't complain: Adelaide offers quite a broad spectrum of food.

story notes

Gastronomy is the art of preparing food.

 fascinated with
Fascinated with means very interested in.

 soaking up
To soak something up means to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

 good sense of balance
She says her life here has a ‘good sense of balance’. She means that all aspects have equal time - so she is not spending all her time studying or working. She also spends time at the beach or doing other relaxing activities.

Well-rounded means involved or having experience in a wide range of ideas or activities.

 accustomed to
Accustomed to means familiar with. She’s used to a different culture and different weather.