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7 July 2005
How much is that?
Today we're going to look at how you buy things in a market.

The corn is $1.99 a packet.

The mushrooms are $6.99 a kilo.

The strawberries are two for $5.00 or $3.00 each.

Handpicked strawberries are $2.00 per 100 grams.
The beans are $1.90 a bag, a kilo bag.

The tomatoes are $2.99 a kilo. They're vine ripes.

Fuji apples are $2.99 a kilo. Nice and crunchy.

Kiwi Golds are three for $1.00. They are very nice Kiwi Golds.

Passionfruit are two for $1.00.

The Red Globes are $2.99 a bag.

Red Globes have got the seeds in them. They're seeded grapes, nice and sweet and crunchy.

$2.99 a bag, that's a kilo bag.

The mixed salad is $18.00 a kilo.

Avocadoes are five for $2.00.

story notes

handpicked strawberries
high quality strawberries picked by hand and not by machine

kilo bag
bag weighing a kilogram

Kilo is short for kilogram.

vine ripes
tomatoes that have ripened on the vine or bush

Kiwi Golds
a variety of kiwi fruit with yellow flesh

Red Globes
red grapes