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24 May 2005
Find out about holidays and travelling.

PETER and AUDREY: We began in New Zealand, spent 10 days there, did both islands, the North and the South, and we loved the South Island best. Then we came across to Melbourne and spent some time driving around and also visiting the whole of the city. Do you want to carry on?

And from Melbourne, we then took a car and drove all the way along the Great South Road, the coastal road, through all the pretty little towns and villages on the way until we finally got to Adelaide here. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind at times, but nonetheless it was a marvellous trip.

And I guess the highlight of our time in Adelaide was yesterday and we went up to the Cleland Park, was actually able to walk with kangaroos and stroke some koalas and that was absolutely fantastic.
Yes, it was a wonderful experience.

SIMON: We left on the 1st of February. We flew from Heathrow and spent two days in Singapore, which was quite good. It was really quite hot. Yeah, that was good, and then we flew into Adelaide. We had a stop at Darwin just to refuel the plane.

We've been staying in a hostel just down the road and we stayed two nights in a hotel as well.

Yeah, it's been really, really hot. We got burnt actually a couple of days ago because we didn't have any sun tan cream on and we got really quite burnt, but yeah it's been really nice. A bit too hot in Singapore, but here it's quite nice.

EMMA: Yeah, the last holiday was actually just two weekends ago. Sarah and I went down to Port Lincoln in the - on the Yorke Peninsula and we drove there, seven or took us eight hours to drive there. We did a lot of sightseeing, sitting on the beach and swimming and eating and yeah, it was a really good time, yeah.

MEG: We've been here - we were in Melbourne last week for the bad weather and we're here for two weeks and then we go from here to Christchurch, New Zealand and we've been hoping to lay out a little bit, but we had the bad weather in Melbourne. So then we came here and it's cloudy and I'm cold and so I have my towel on, but my husband's here for golf. So we're doing that too, but you know, just shopping and walking around and sightseeing and going to the beach.

story notes

Peter and Audrey use the simple past tense to describe their holiday. Began is the past tense of the irregular verb begin.
more information: begin

Spent is the past tense of the irregular verb spend.
more information: spend

Did is the past tense of the irregular verb do.
more information: do

They use the word then to help order things in time. They began in New Zealand and then they came across to Melbourne.

Drove is the past tense of the irregular verb drive.
more information: drive

Went is the past tense of the irregular verb go.
more information: go

Flew is the past tense of the irregular verb fly.
more information: fly

People might travel by plane, train, tram or bus. Or maybe even bicycle.

A hostel is a large house where people can stay cheaply. We often talk about a ‘youth hostel’ where young people can stay for a small amount of money. In a hostel, you usually pay for a bed in a shared room.

A hotel is a place where you pay to have a room to sleep in. A hotel is usually more expensive and offers more privacy than a hostel.
Hotels and hostels are different forms of accommodation. Accommodation refers to a place to live, or stay.

Here, burnt refers to being sunburnt. The adjective sunburnt describes the condition of skin that is sore and red after spending too much time in the sun. The noun is sunburn.
Example: I'm suffering from sunburn.
When your skin becomes brown from exposure to the sun, we say you have a ‘sun tan’ or a ‘tan’. You are ‘suntanned’.

 sun tan cream
Suntan cream is a substance you put on the skin to stop it from being burnt by the sun.
Suntan cream can also be called ‘suntan lotion’, ‘sunscreen’, sun cream’ or ‘sun block’. That’s because it screens, or blocks out the sun.

Sightseeing means visiting interesting places, especially when you’re on holiday.
A person who goes sightseeing is called a sightseer.

 lay out
She means that they were hoping to lie in the sun to get a suntan.