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12 July 2005
Bread Shop
In this episode we go to the market and talk about bread.

We originally started off seven years or so ago as a small French patisserie, mainly just specialising in pure butter style croissants and chocolate filled croissants and things, but as you can see we've now grown to include all sorts of multicultural kind of foods.

We try and include traditional German breads and things as well. We also have a lot of traditional Jewish breads as well, starting with the things like the bagels, the boiled bagels and things like that.

And now that people are trying to get a little more health conscious, we're now picking up on a lot more sour dough, traditional Jewish sour doughs and things like that.

...Some of my personal favourites here are things like light rye sour doughs, things that are low in wheat and yeast

Pretzels are probably one of my other favourite things, just a German yeast salted stick, which is very nice.

For something a bit different, the things like the brioche, your French butter breads, desert breads and things, which are lovely.

These are rolls, just rolls, things like traditional oil panini rolls.

We've got things like traditional German ryes with caraway. Turkish bread has become really big. You can see it everywhere, Turkish rolls and they come in big loaves.

Well, this is more of what we specialise in is in your pure butter French style pastries, things like your almond marzipan, chocolate being of course the most popular, and then we love to do a little mini-range with different fruit flavours you can see here.

Another really big seller though is your German yeast buns, these ones here, and your German streusel buns.

story notes

A patisserie is a shop that sells cakes and pastries.

a pastry roll shaped like a crescent

multicultural kind of foods
Multicultural foods are foods from many different cultures.

Bagels are shaped like rings and are a traditional Jewish bread.

Dough is the mixture of flour and water.

The dough is baked into bread.

To make bread you need flour and water, mixed together into a dough to which you add yeast, salt or oil, depending on what sort of bread you’re making.
knead the dough

Then you will knead the dough – that’s when you press the dough over and over again with your hands, to make the bread smooth and soft

Notice the spelling of knead – it’s spelt knead, not need.

Dough is also slang for money
Dough is also slang for money – you knead the dough, but you really need dough!

Pretzels have a very unusual shape.

The dough is twisted into that shape before it’s cooked.

a kind of light sweet bun or roll made with eggs

A roll is a small, individual serve of bread.

You might eat a roll for lunch, or with soup for dinner.
A roll is a small, individual serve of bread.

ryes with caraway
Ryes are breads made from the cereal rye and not wheat.

Caraway is short for caraway seeds, which are used as a flavouring.

really big
very popular
Baseball is very big in Japan.

A loaf is a large serve of bread.

Notice the plural of loaf is loaves – with a ves.

Marzipan is a sweet paste made from almonds and sugar.

A mini-range here means a range of 'mini', or small cakes.