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Episode 15: Makeover
Episode 15: Makeover
Learn about dressing up with Jasmine.

Today Jasmine gets a makeover - new clothes, new hairstyle and new makeup.
I'm at the biggest shopping centre in Adelaide and I'm gonna look for some new clothes. It's my first winter in Australia and I don't really know what exactly to wear. My mum thinks it's very important to look good and she thinks that I don't put enough effort into how I look and when I go to uni and when I see the girls all dressed up I don't wanna feel out of place. I wanna be dressed properly for the occasion and I wanna look nice.
She sees the girls 'all dressed up' at her university. To be 'dressed up' is to wear your best clothes. You can also 'dress up' in a costume - here Jasmine is dressed up as Father Christmas. So she's going to 'look' for some new clothes, but how else does she use the word 'look'?
The cropped length of this is really great for your body shape because you are quite petite so you don't get lost in the big length of a longer blazer.

Well, I didn't realise that I had a petite figure and what I needed was to elongate my look so she gave me tips like wearing long accessories and a higher cut jeans and tops that sort of went upwards at the bottom.
Elongate my 'look'. That's 'look' being used as a noun. Here 'look' is the way she appears or the style she has. And to elongate it is to try to make it appear longer or taller.
I think getting the advice of a personal shopper gives you the opportunity to ask questions right there on the spot when you're shopping for clothes, things that the assistants at the shop might not necessarily tell you. Is it nice?

It's actually really cute.
Right there 'on the spot' means at the place where things are happening - she can ask about the clothes at the same time as she is shopping for them.
My make up artist, Lisa, she taught me very useful tips on using different brushes and the kind of colour to use that suits my face. I used to think that what really matters is who you are inside but I think as I grew up I gradually learned that, you know, that's just something you use to comfort yourself sometimes. I think it's important to learn how to look good. It's important to pay attention to the way you present yourself.
The way you 'present' yourself. 'Present' is a word that has different pronunciations for the verb and noun. To present yourself is to show yourself. And to give someone a prize is to present it to them. But the present is now. Listen to the difference present, present.
I've always had this look. Whenever I went to a hairdresser in Malaysia they would never want to do anything else for me. They said this is the look that suited me the most. I had a round face, can't do anything else.
Anything else. Here, that means something different. Anything else can often mean something extra - do you want anything else?
I was amazed at how she transformed my straight hair into a wavy loose kind of look and just pinned it all up. In half an hour I thought that was amazing.

Toss it right over. Woo! Just like that.

I love the loose curls, I love how it's being pinned up. I think she really did a great job. I'm so happy
'Loose' can be tricky to spell. It has a short 'oo' sound - loose -and is spelled with two 'o's. Try not to confuse it with the word meaning to suffer loss, lose, which has a long 'oo' sound - lose - but is spelled with one 'o'. Loose, lose. We'll finish with Jasmine all dressed up:
I was stressed. My heart was pounding. embarrassed, actually, to see my friends. They don't normally see me dressed like that. It was a bit awkward I think, especially when I'm the only one dressed up but I think they like how I look so it was good.
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