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Episode 13: Graduation
Episode 13: Graduation
As Jason graduates, learn the different ways to pronounce graduate.

Join Jason on his graduation day at the University of Tasmania.
I did my first two years in a college in Malaysia and the balance of my two years here in the University of Tasmania.
He uses the word 'college' to refer to 2 different things. The college in Malaysia is, like the university in Australia, a tertiary education institution that awards degrees and diplomas. But the John Fisher College is a part of the university where students like Jason live. Listen again:
I'm studying law. I live in John Fisher College which is part of the accommodation services at the university. And I love my room, the views, the view of it's fantastic.

After two years here, yes, I'm graduating in a single degree in a Bachelors of Law. I received a partial scholarship from a KDU college where I was studying. To come here though my parents have funded for this and I'm really grateful for them.
He's graduating. He's going to be given his degree. The noun is graduation:
Yeah, it's important for us to come out of Malaysia to this graduation. I think it's to give him the support, to tell him that we are supporting him in what he's doing and we are really proud of him and I think that kind of moral encouragement is important to give him that boost to study more in his career.
The verb is graduate:
One of the best moments of my life to see my son graduate and to see him be on his own, yeah. So, letting him fly and be what he wants to be. It's a great feeling. Yeah, very good.
But what do you call someone who graduates?
Okay, now I'm with all the other graduates.
I'm with all the other 'graduates'. Someone who graduates is a graduate. Listen to the difference in pronunciation – “gradu8”, “graduit”. When he is still studying he is an undergraduate.
It means a lot to me that my parents and my brother and my aunt could come here. It's a long journey and taking the time off, even my brother's skipping classes to come here. And I'm very happy for them to be there to celebrate this moment with me.
'Taking time off' is not working. And 'skipping classes' is not going to classes.
Really broadens the mind and it gives them a whole new environment where they can learn to flow in, to blend in with a new culture and to realise their potential. I believe that being in a new country helps them to realise their potential better.
To 'broaden the mind' is to be exposed to different points of view and experiences. And to 'realise your potential' is to do as well as you possibly can. And what is Jason going to do next?
In the next few months I'll still be here and I've had opportunity to work for a law firm at a small internship for a month and then I'll start my course, the Masters in International Business.
He's going to do another degree, but this time while he is studying he will be a postgraduate because he has already graduated with his first degree. But for the moment he is enjoying his graduation:
Yep, enjoying the Aussie beer right here, right now.


Celebratory drink.
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