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Episode 8: Fishing
Episode 8: Fishing
Shobbie goes fishing and shows what it means to say 'my foot'.

Today, Shobbie is going to do something that she doesn't enjoy.
It's 4 o'clock in the morning. I'm going fishing today. I'm gonna face my fear with that so first time fishing in Australia.
Face my fear - that means to do something that you are afraid of. So why is Shobbie afraid of fishing?
I went camping when I was twelve with the Brat Camp. One of the challenges was to catch and cook a fish and the tragedy was I caught two fishes which was scary enough and when it came time to actually cleaning the fish our problem was our fish just didn't die. So we had to behead it and fish don't stop moving when they are headless. So you have this headless thing just spurting blood all over the place and we were twelve years old. We were terrified. And I have never forgotten that mental image of that headless, flopping fish.
She has never forgotten the headless fish. Headless means without a head. You use the suffix -less to mean 'without'. How is she going to deal with her fear of fish?
I do like a challenge and, you know, for most things in life I'm not afraid to jump in head first.
She's going to 'jump in head first' - that means she's going to deal with it directly by catching a fish again.
I think you've got one.

What? Aah! What if I don't want it?

Now you gotta wind it up.

Why? What am I winding?

You've got to wind this up.

Oh dear Lord it happened. Stupid fish. Don't cling on.

Not too sure if it - Yeah, you got him, I think.

Yeah, I think he's still on.

Oh, you poor guy. Can I poke it? What fish is that?

Hold it.

I don't trust you.

That's a red snapper?
She wound up the line to catch the fish - wound is the past tense of wind. 'Wound up' is also an expression that means to be very tense or agitated.
Holy shit! That is a shark. Keep the shark away from me now.

Watch your toes there Mr Cameraman.

Oh, this is not helping me at all. Help! Oh My God.

I'm actually a bit nervous about sharks because recently there have been some newspaper articles about sharks getting people out of the water. I know I won't be out of the water but I think fish know when they are afraid of you, and sharks technically are a fish, so I think they'd be around. I will stab you! Aaaah!
So how does Shobbie feel about being so wound up?
Okay, you know what? Stuff this. I'm sick and tired of being scared of a stupid little thing.
She's 'sick and tired' of being scared. She's annoyed with herself for being scared. Listen again:
Okay, you know what? Stuff this. I'm sick and tired of being scared of a stupid little thing.

Does it flop or wiggle a lot when you're holding it?

If you hold it firm, no. You just got to hold it firm around the gills...

Holy Mother of God!

Bad timing.

Hold it firm around the gills my foot!
'My foot!' is an expression used to firmly disagree with what has just been said.
My foot!
Shobbie has jumped in head first and faced her fear, but has it worked?
Oh no, I don't want to hold it! Don't let go!

You've got it, you've got it.

Don't let go!

I already have.

Ahh! Ok. Take it off of me now. I hate this!

I do not think I've overcome my fear. I think I might have gained a new fear of boats but, I don't know, I think it might be something I'll have to work on.
It hasn't worked - she hasn't overcome or lessened her fear. We'll finish with an expression that means to repeat something - 'over and over again':
Glad I had the experience but I probably wouldn't do it again simply because I don't think it's good for me to go through that over and over again.

You don't want to give it a kiss good bye.

No, thank you!
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