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Episode 28: Beer Brewing
Episode 28: Beer Brewing
Today we join Raymond and his friends as they make beer. First, listen for why Raymond is nervous:

Let's brew some beer. I'm a bit nervous because a lot of things can go wrong.

He's nervous because a lot of things can 'go wrong'. Something that 'goes wrong' doesn't work in the way you expect or becomes a problem. So what can go wrong?

All very unfamiliar to me. I've never seen, I've never seen a brewing kit before. And I read that the beer can actually get infected. So we have to clean everything first. That can be quite dangerous if you don't know they're infected and you drink it.

The beer can get infected with germs and make you sick, so they'd better follow the instructions.

It was Daniel who followed the instructions to the letter.

He says Daniel followed the instructions 'to the letter'. To follow instructions to the letter is to do exactly what they say with attention to every detail.But something went wrong:

The instructions were pretty clear, but we made a few mistakes.
Okay, we'll just try putting it in and I think we're just going to have to put it in as a paste.
We were supposed to mix sugar at the beginning with hot water.
The more sugar you put in the more alcohol you get.
Exactly. We just mixed in like a couple of litres of hot water with sugar so it will make the beer lighter but hopefully it will still taste good. I like light beer anyway.

That's not exactly following the instructions to the letter. What else could go wrong?

Oh no. Hang on.
That's not good.
Hopefully we don't get a lot of bacteria into the beer so we can drink it. It's like delicate surgery. In the next 6 days my apartment's going to smell bad.
eautiful .
We've done it.
Alright, fantastic. I feel like a beer. I don't think I can wait a week.

Notice that he says I feel like ‘a' beer. This is a short way of saying a glass of beer. You also say a coffee for a cup of coffee.

So it's been eight days.
Green and yellow - it means we have beer.
We're going to bottle the beer now.
Shall we try some?
All right. If you want to.
It's like pineapple juice.
You do the honours.

You do the honours - this means have the privilege of the first taste.

What's it taste like.
It's actually pretty good.
It's flat beer.
Really? Tastes nice.
It's good.
Ah, from what I understand, from the house expert, Daniel, he said that it's gonna undergo like a secondary fermentation.

So what's the beer like after it's been in the bottle?

I'm nervous. I don't know what it's gonna taste like, but hopefully it'll taste good. So boys, it's been five weeks and it's time for us to try our beer. This is really the first time. I wasn't tempted but I'm scared to have a taste.
Ah, good fizz, beautiful.
It's looking good.
It's amber nectar.
It's great.
Before we have a taste, let's have a cheers.
Cheers to the success of our beer.
Ok, we don't know that yet.
Oh yeah, it was good, it was good. It's not the type of beer that I would normally drink.
I reckon a pass. For a first time it's pretty good.
It's good, it's good.
I think it's great.
It's an acquired taste but..

It's an acquired taste. That means it tastes bad now but you could get to like it. We'll finish with a polite way of saying something tastes ok:

It's not bad actually.
There you go, cheers to that.

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