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Episode 26: Beach Walk
Episode 26: Beach Walk
In this story, Akki learns some things about Australian Aboriginal culture. First, listen to what Akki wants to do.

I think nature tells you a lot of things. I reckon Aboriginal people had a traditional way to handle things like medicines or food or their way of cooking or fishing or how to survive, or how to live for thousands of years on this land. That I really wanna learn.

He wants to learn. He uses the infinitive - 'to learn' after 'want'; want to learn. The infinitive is the base form of the verb - in this case, 'learn' with 'to' - 'to learn'. Some verbs, such as 'want' are often followed by the infinitive - want to learn, want to do, so they are often said quickly - wanna learn. Listen again:

That I really wanna learn.

So what's Akki going to do?

All right, so, today I heard you can teach me some cultural stuff.
I'm really looking forward to that. So..
I'm going to try and turn you into a hunter today.

He's going to turn him into a hunter - he's going to teach him how to hunt and fish with a spear. Now listen for what Akki says about his spear throwing.

Slide your spear down through your hand put it right on top, spear it like that. And stay nice and relaxed. Don't try to throw it too hard. Well done. Not bad.

He said 'not bad' - he means he is happy with his spear throwing. And what's Brandon's spear throwing like?

Well, I've been hunting since I was a little boy so you just get better and better as you go.

You get better and better - you improve over time. Notice that he used the present perfect continuous tense, which is 'have' with 'been' and the '-ing form' of the verb - have been hunting. The present perfect continuous tense describes actions begun in the past that are still continuing. It's often used with 'since' - I've been hunting since I was a little boy.

Well, I've been hunting since I was a little boy so you just get better and better as you go.

So things can get better and better and...

This fella here. This is your sea-slug. And it's getting longer and longer. Yeah, he's stretching.

Longer and longer. It is growing - getting longer - continuously.

See that there? Little sting ray. See him coming along.
Oh, that's the one.
Yeah, have a shot.
Okay, all right.
Not good.
Nearly, nearly.

Have a shot. He could also have just said 'shoot' to mean the same thing. Next listen to Akki use the verb shoot:

Oh, I just speared but you know the crab came up to my feet and tried to fight me or something. Last couple times I could see something, some fish and crabs but he has too good eyes. Some of them I can't see but I'm ready to shoot..

Ready to shoot. That's the infinitive again - to shoot. You always use the infinitive after ready. Ready to shoot, ready to do. We'll finish with the past tense of get, got:

Go up to him, nice and close, put your spear right down. You're gonna have to chase him, he's gonna run. Get right up close to it. That's it. You got him. Lift it up.

Yeah! My lunch!

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