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Episode 22: Radio Cars
Episode 22: Radio Cars
Today we'll join Selby as he learns how to drive a radio controlled car. Listen for the way the instructor says how fast the cars go:

Well, these are your electric cars. They'll do about 80 kilometres an hour.
Eighty kilometres an hour.
Yeah, in a straight line.
Pretty fast.
It is. Its very fast.

He said 'they'll do about 80 kilometres an hour'. 'They'll do' means they will travel at. He could also have said 'they'll go 80 kilometres an hour'. That's fast. So what does Selby ask about the other cars?

Can you just tell me which one is the fastest?
The fastest? This one here. This will do about 120 kilometres an hour.

The fastest. If you want to compare more than two things you use the superlative, which for short words such as fast is adding 'the' before the word and '-est' to the end of the word - the fastest. Now, what other word was used to refer to the electric cars?

Well, these are your electric cars.

He said these are 'your' electric cars. He doesn't mean that they belong to Selby. He is using 'your' to indicate all the members of a group. You may hear someone say for instance that this is 'your typical university campus’. Now listen as the instructor uses ‘your’ in this sense again:

And then you move over to something like your pull start.
Uh huh.
Which is a nitro powered engine.
What does the nitro actually mean?
The nitro is part of the fuel content so it gives more bang for your buck so..

It gives 'more bang for your buck'. Something that gives you more bang for your buck gives you better value or a better return. Let's see what the cars can do.

One time.
When the car takes off, when it starts to take off, you don't keep the throttle down.

When the car ‘takes off’. To 'take off' is to start moving very quickly. So what does Selby need to do when his car takes off and he loses control?

The only thing is..yeah, take your throttle off, take your throttle off, take your throttle off. You'll get the hang of it.

He has to ‘take off’ the throttle. Here, take off means the opposite - he needs to make the car go slower by taking his finger off the trigger he is squeezing. What else did the instructor say?

You'll get the hang of it.

You'll get the hang of it - you'll understand how to do it. Let's see if Selby gets the hang of it:

Very, very complicated. Just give this some more chances.
I think I can handle it like this. Oooooh! Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, it's still doing well, well, ahh.
Slow down, slow down, slow down.

He hasn’t quite ‘got the hang of it’ yet. Next, listen for another word that means to learn:

This not easy to master all the things in such a short time. But he's a very good teacher.

Master. To master something is to learn how to do it very well. We'll finish by seeing if Selby has mastered the skill of driving a radio controlled car:

You're looking a lot better out there on the track.
And you haven't hit anything for a while. Now you can try and catch him and pass him. Wahey! You did it.

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