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Episode 12: Girls Day Out
Episode 12: Girls Day Out
Discover more about the girliest day out with Raisa.
This story is about a girls' day out. First listen to Raisa explaining what she is going to do:
Today's special because I have my mum here whom I haven't met for like over ten months. She's been here the last couple of days for a holiday and I've been showing her around Adelaide and everything and she's been liking it here so much.

This flower is so beautiful.

Yeah, Australia has a wide variety of flowers.

We don't have a lot of like this in Indonesia.
Raisa said 'she's been liking it so much'. Has or have with been and the –ing form - has been liking - is the present perfect continuous tense. You use it to talk about an action that has begun in the past and is still continuing. Raisa's mother started liking being in Adelaide in the past and is still liking it. Listen again:
She's been here the last couple of days for a holiday and I've been showing her around Adelaide and everything and she's been liking it here so much.
I've been showing her around. That's another use of the present perfect continuous. She started showing her mother around a while ago and she's still showing her around. So what are they going to do in Adelaide?
Today I'm at King William Road and I plan to do a bit of window shopping with my mum and then have a manicure and also have high tea, all of which I've never done.
Window shopping just means looking at what the shops have to offer. But Raisa has another reason to shop:
I can do with a bit more dresses because we have, you know, a couple of weddings coming up.
They have a couple of weddings 'coming up'. Something that is 'coming up' is about to happen. Next listen to what she says about her assignments:
It's definitely different to spend time with my mum here compared to in Indonesia because in Indonesia we're both like, you know, sort of busy with all of our activities and everything. But now is the right timing because like I'm done with all of my assignments and everything, my mum's here for a vacation so we can really spend time together.
She's 'done with' all of her assignments. That means she's finished them. Now let's see what a manicure is:
I think it'll be cool to get my nails done coz I don't actually give particular care to my nails.

So what do you think of the manicure so far?

It's fun.
Raisa asked “what do you think of the manicure 'so far'? So far means up to now. So what's high tea?
I've never been to a place like this before so today has been like the girliest day of my life probably like you know, having manicures and then going for high tea and everything because like I'm usually you know, just sort of like not girly, definitely.
She said it's been the girliest day of my life. 'The girliest' is a superlative adjective formed from the slang term girly, which means feminine. With 2 syllable words ending with 'y' such as 'girly', you compare more than two things by saying 'the' and adding '-est' to the word – the girliest day. Notice that you change the 'y' to an 'i'. We'll finish with Raisa talking about the value of her experience of living in Australia and using the word clichéd, which means something that is said all the time.
I'm definitely glad that I came to Australia. Like, I have benefited so much from this experience that like I think that the impact would last me for a lifetime because it's a life changing experience indeed and this may sound clichéd or whatever but I really do mean it, like it has gone beyond my expectations and they're just so accepting to, you know, international students or international people. So when you hear that Australia is multicultural like I really do support that statement and I've experienced it myself too.
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