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May 2013
Australia has been hit by the curse of a strong currency. Interest rates are at multi-year lows but the dollar has hardly budged and there's not much more the Reserve Bank can do.
It's been a highly volatile couple of days trading in China's currency. Whitney Fitzsimmons discusses the instability with senior currency strategist with Thomson Reuters, John Noonan.
The National Australia Bank has posted a big rise in half yearly profit, boosted by growth in its local operations. To analyse the results, Whitney Fitzsimmons spoke to the CEO of ING Direct, Vaughn Richtor.
Australia has the highest number of PhD graduates in bio-medicine in the world, but lags behind when it comes to promoting its knowledge.
The re-election of Malaysia's ruling coalition has given a boost to the local sharemarket, with currency surging on the hope of further reform and growth policies. Scott Alle reports.
Simon Palan speaks to Mark Pervan, senior commodities analyst at ANZ, about iron ore and other commodity markets.
Indonesia's Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants the money used for the country's fuel subsidy to be spent on infrastructure. Indonesia correspondent Helen Brown speaks to the Chamber's chairman, Suryo Sulisto.
Asia's economic growth is providing many opportunities for Australian businesses. Simon Palan speaks to Rohini Kappadath about how Australian companies can take advantage.
The European Central Bank has cut its key lending rate to a record low. To find out more, Simon Palan speaks to Ben Jarman, senior economist at JP Morgan.
To look at global economic issues and what is happening on currency markets, Whitney Fitzsimmons is joined by John Noonan, senior currency strategist with Thomson Reuters.
After fifty years of trying, Australia's first commercial oil shale plant is gearing up for full production.
There's been a lot of buzz about social media. To find out how to use social media to track business performance, Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to Jonathon Barouch.
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