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Brenton Whittle

Brenton's career in television spans more than 28 years and includes drama, panel shows, compering, children's programs, puppeteering, educational programs and commercials.

For 10 years he was co-presenter of 'The Book Place', a television program dedicated to instilling in young children the love of books and reading. Awards include the 1994 Asian Broadcasting Union award for Best Children's and Bronze Award winner at the 1998 New York Festivals.

He has also appeared in many motion pictures, including 'Shine' and 'Napoleon', and in documentaries and mini-series. He has won numerous awards for his advertising work as a writer and creative director, and a silver logie as an actor.

Brenton is also sought after for voice-over and compering work, and his clear and resonant speech makes him a perfect choice for presenting a program aimed at learners of English as a second language.

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