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Episode 1 - Video
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In this episode you can learn how to make introductions in a business setting.

Waiter hands drink to Victor.

VICTOR: Thankyou very much

SAM: Hello, I don’t think we’ve met. Sam Eriks.

VICTOR: Victor Tang. Pleased to meet you.

SAM: And what company are you from Mr Tang?

VICTOR: OceanWide. I’m the sales representative for this region.

SAM: Ah yes. I know your company. Your business is expanding very rapidly at the moment.

VICTOR: Yes, we’re doing quite well. And yourself? Who do you work for?

SAM: Actually I work for myself. I’m the C.E.O. of a small export and packaging company. We specialise in seafood.

VICTOR: It’s a growing market.

SAM: Yes, but a very competitive one Mr Tang.

VICTOR: Please call me Victor.

SAM: Sam. Victor, let me introduce you to someone. Lin – this is Victor Tang – he’s the regional rep. for OceanWide. This is Lin Chan, my sales manager.

LIN: How do you do Mr Tang?

VICTOR: I’m very well thankyou. Nice to meet you Ms Chan.

LIN: And you.

VICTOR: Can I get you another drink?

LIN: Thankyou.
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