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>Guan Wei
After graduating in Fine Arts from Beijing Capital University, it was a residency in Hobart that brought Chinese born artist, Guan Wei to Australia in 1989.
Sajithra Nithi
The tragic bushfires in Victoria 2009 will be forever remembered as 'Black Saturday'. Sri Lankan journalist Sajithra Nithi, from the Whittlesea Review, was only a rookie when she was catapulted into covering this catastrophic event.
Teresa Thoi
This episode of Australia & Me delves into the extraordinary life of Queensland's first serving Vietnamese Policewoman, Teresa Thoi.
Lisa Sthalekar
Lisa Sthalekar has a truly unique story. Today she is a leading representative and sportswoman in Australian Women’s International Cricket, but her life began in India.
Amatus Budiharto
Against the backdrop of some of Adelaide’s most breathtaking views, join us as we explore the story of Indonesian born Amatus Budiharto.
Sudhir Warrier
From a vegetable seller in India to owning a successful empire in Sydney this episode of Australia & Me, showcases what is without a doubt a remarkable ‘rags to riches’ story.
Merlinda Bobis
From a village in the Philippines to the picturesque coastal town of Wollongong – it is here we meet award-winning writer and academic, Merlinda Bobis.
Ake’ Rapana
Cook Islander, Ake’ Rapana, shares his story of family and community from beautiful Hamilton Island.
Sean Yoshiura
The heart of Japanese-born Sean Yoshiura has been captured by Australia's outdoor lifestyle, and especially Aussie Rules.
Yanping Zhang
The life story of Chinese born, Yanping Zhang, now living and loving life in Australia's capital.
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