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Yanping Zhang - Video
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Yanping Zhang - Profile

From the heart of Australia’s capital city we bring you the exciting life of Chinese born, Yanping Zhang.

After establishing herself in a government career in Beijing, Zhang’s husband was offered a university position abroad. Zhang made the decision to support his career, embarking on a new and exciting journey. It is a decision she is still proud of today.

After living in various countries Zhang and her family finally found their way to Australia and a place to call home in Canberra.

“I really love this country and sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m not a native Australian”

Today Zhang has carved an admirable career path for herself, in her role in the field of treating breast cancer. Working for ACT Health Zhang creates databases and reports that impact on how specialists and clinicians treat their patients.

But life in Australia is not just about family and work for Zhang From tango to hot air ballooning, it is also about fun and adventure.

Produced with the support of: Department of Foreign Affairs - Australian Government
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